Whether it was a shopping cart or a driver who got a little too close to your car, you should think long and hard about ignoring the minor damage your vehicle has. While you may be saving money now, it could end up costing you more in the end. What may seem like a minor issue today could turn into a bigger issue down the road.

Here are some examples of how some minors

  • Rust and corrosion can occur quickly on minor scratches due to the location we live and drive in. Because we are near salt water and drive through salt during the winter months, this can cause rust to spread even faster. This could turn a simple scratch repair into having to repair an entire panel of your vehicle.
  • While hanging, missing or dented bumpers look harmless they can pose a safety hazard to you as well as other drivers around you. Another issue to consider in regards to bumper damage is if you’re driving a new car many newer bumpers have sensors for airbags and other safety features. Damage to your vehicle’s bumper can cause these safety features and sensor to malfunction due to being exposed.

You may want to reconsider holding off on those minor collision repairs before they turn into major issues. If your vehicle needs minor or major collision repairs bring it to Check Collision where our factory trained collision technicians can make the necessary repairs today. Visit Check Collision today at our Mattapoisett or Dartmouth location or call us at 774-377-3431.

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