At Check Collision, we provide a wide range of services designed to get your vehicle back up to snuff before it was damaged.

Collision Repair – Been in an accident? Whether with another vehicle, on your own, storm damage, or simply got a little close to the side of your garage, Check Collision is here to get your car back to the way it was before the accident, quickly and efficiently.

Small Damage Repairs – Is your car starting to show the effects of parking lot scrapes, dings and damage? We can make economical repairs to your vehicle to have it looking good in no time.

Lease Turn-In/Trade-In Repair – Is your leased vehicle about to be turned in? Thinking of selling that car? Don’t get charged a ton of money for minor body damage and scratches or get less money then what it is worth. We can make it right beforehand.

All-Around Paint Job – Your vehicle getting a little old and you want it to have that “factory fresh” look? With our all-around paint work, we will make minor repairs and paint your entire vehicle.

Auto Spa Detailing – From a basic wax treatment, to a full-on gold package, we can get your vehicle looking and feeling like it just visited a luxury spa.

Headlight Restoration – Older headlights getting dim or looking a little foggy? Don’t let this become a safety hazard. Let us buff and shine them up to restore their effectiveness!

Paint-less Dent Removal and Scratch Repair – We can repair many small dents and scratches using our exclusive paint-less dent and scratch removal processes.

Regular everyday maintenance – We also provide quality services you would find at any auto service facility such as oil changes, tire replacement/rotation, and 4-wheel alignments.

Check Perks

When you use our services, you get a wide variety Check Perks including:

Towing Assistance – Check Collision’s tow fleet will pick your vehicle up when you’re ready to have your vehicle repaired.

Free Computerized Estimates – We provide a detailed estimate of the cost of repair your vehicle.

Rental Assistance – We will find the best way to get you a ride while your car is being repaired.

Free Wash and Clean – Every car we repair gets a basic cleaning.