Fleet Program Overview

First, our vehicles act as mobile billboards, making constant impressions to our customers about the company’s brand, product and service. Second, when a vehicle is not being utilized, the bottom line suffers through lost revenue and increased operating expenses.

From this challenge of managing fleet operations came Check Collision, which we have operated for over 10 years at Toyota of Dartmouth. Due to overwhelming demand from our fleet and insurance customers, we recently tripled our capacity by building a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, the largest of its kind in southeastern Massachusetts.

The secret to our success is quite simple. We understand our fleet customers needs. These include:
• Fast vehicle turnaround & cycle times
• Top notch quality and consistency
• Extensive technical experience with fleet service vehicles
• Reliable and responsive customer relations personnel
• Expert navigation throughout the entire insurance claims process

Most of our fleet clients have found that partnering with us is more cost effective than operating and managing their own internal maintenance facilities, and related personnel, equipment and supplies. They find that our economies of scale and utilization of capital equipment offers them a competitive advantage (it’s not uncommon for us to cycle 50-60 vehicles through our facility in a given week!).

I would welcome the opportunity to give you a factory tour of our facilities and demonstrate how Check Collision can add value to your fleet management operations.